Monday, January 24, 2011

Vegas Tournament

January 14th we left to drive the long drive to Las Vegas where the annual Vegas Tournament is held for soccer. It is a very large venue where many teams come from California, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. There is great competition and the warm weather is always a plus during the middle of January! It was 76 degrees, blue skies, and light breeze. Honestly, I kept thinking how we could have a second home was absolutely delightful. :) Garrett's team played their hardest but had never played on a full sized field before and had never played 11 vs. 11. They are used to playing 8 vs. 8. Some of these teams can play all year round outside because it is warm. Not us, so that hurt us a little. They gave their heart but lost their games. Hayden's team made it to tie in the second game and went into a shoot out for a place in the finals. They won the shoot out but unfortunately lost in the championship game! It was so fun to watch and see how much they've improved. It was a wonderful getaway and has become a little tradition for our family now in January. Logan's team did not go, and he was biting at the bit the entire time to get on his boots and get out there! He was a great cheerleader from the sidelines but wished he as well was being cheered on! Great fun!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My chef Garrett

Garrett has decided that he really enjoyes BAKING. He wants to be a baker or chef. He actually said when he grows up he wants to work at Krispy Kreme.......well for now that is cute :) His nana bought him a "Chef Garrett" apron and hat for Christmas and we worked together in the kitchen to make a cake! He also got a kids cookbook from nana showing him pictures and steps for making each recipe. So he found a yummy looking chocolate cake, and we made it one night! It was a great success. Good work Garrett! You can always come and help me in the kitchen! He must get the baking gene from me........