Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Fun!

We sure had a fun Halloween. Garrett dressed up with me. The boys carved some amazing pumpkins and were able to show off their talents!

Monday, July 28, 2014

"Being a missionary ROCKS"

This was such an amazing week!  In our Zone this week we were able to
see two people baptized!  It was absolutely amazing!  In this month
alone, Nagaoka Zone was able to see 3 baptisms!  That is more than we
have had the whole year before!  The sisters had one here in Sanjo
Sister I_____ and it was a really great interview.  Elder Killpack did
her interview the Sunday before, and everything just went really well!
The was baptized on Sunday and it was just a super good service!
President Budge was able to be there and everything just went really
good so that was awesome!  Then the day before that, Saturday, the
Joetsu Elders had a baptism as well!  I was able to do Brother
K______baptismal interview this week and he is just way prepared!
Because their church is so small, they do it here in Nagaoka because
they don't have a font, so we were able to come which was super
awesome!  The baptismal service for him was just super good and they
were able to help him be baptized this week as well!  It was so fun to
see so many amazing miracles in the Zone!

So we were able to see 2 baptisms last week, but we aren't stopping
there.  Right now in the Zone we have 4 other baptismal dates for this
next month, and they are all looking really good for baptism!  It is
going to be pretty amazing when we see that miracle!  It is so cool to
see The Lord hastening his work in ALL parts of the vineyard.  Before
these recent baptisms, there were none in the zone for the entire
year.  In fact, the last people that were baptized here were my two
friends that I helped baptize in my first transfer Brother W_____
and Sister M______.  But, The Lord is hastening his work, and he is
qualifying his missionaries.  It is such a cool experience to be able
to watch these investigators  become converted, as well as the

This past week we actually had interviews with President Budge and it
was great!  That is actually something we talked about is how we as
leaders can help other missionaries catch the vision, increase their
faith, and feel the joy.  President Budge helped me realize that we
really have to help the missionaries be converted in the same way that
we convert our investigators, which is through the Holy Ghost.  I
think some of the missionaries really were able to be converted as
they felt the spirit super strongly at those two baptismal services.
President Budge is a wise man I look up to him so much!  We actually
had the chance to go visit a less active with him, and we were able to
teach an 1hour and a half lesson with him to this less active!  Him
and Sister Budge drove us over in their car and it was just way cool
to dendo with him!  I love the Budges.

Sorry I have no time today but I know that this is the greatest work
in the world today!  I love you all and I will talk to you soon!


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"Being a missionary ROCKS"

A boy he met in the train and wanted to take a pic!

"Selfie Sunday"

Monday, June 30, 2014

He's doing great!

Logan has been out now over a year on his mission in Tokyo, Japan and is doing amazing. He's in his 4th new area and has been a part of many baptisms. We love him and are so very proud if his amazing growth. Keep up the amazing work Elder! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Garrett has earned his Eagle!

My baby continued the tradition of becoming an Eagle Scout just like his older two brothers and his dad. We are so very proud of his hard work and dedication. It was a great night with lots of friends and family!

Way to go Garrett! We love you!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

He's doing so well!

We're so proud of our missionary. Logan has been out serving a mission for almost 11 months in Tokyo, Japan. He loves it and we are grateful as we watch his service there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Logan!

Happy 19th Birthday Logan!
 He enjoyed "mushroom surprise" which really isn't the name, but rather oreos, fudge, and ice cream frozen......delicious!

 Got Logan a cool watch for his mission.
 Hit "Goodwood" for a birthday lunch..Yummy.
My first born has turned 19. How has this happened? Well, I do not truly know, but I do know that he has grown, matured physically as well as spiritually. He is a grown man and I am so very proud to call him my son. As he prepares to serve a mission, I have been speechless at his devotion to his family. He is home more, is more considerate, and is always working to be our family peacemaker. Happy Birthday Logan. I love you and am excited for this next chapter of your life!!!!! Love you!