Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our Latest Family Vacation

Our family decided to take a fun vacation to beautiful San Diego. I had never been there and the kids really wanted to go to Sea World. Jeff had a business trip there, so we decided that we would go with him! We stayed in a nice hotel, went to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, and we even went to the beach. It was so fun to spend time together as a family. There is NOTHING like driving for 12 hours in a van together. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the animals at the zoo and at Sea World. Garrett about had a STROKE at the gift shop looking and trying to choose ONE beanie baby to take home. Oh the choices...... It was a fun trip!

Logan is receiving his Eagle Scout Award!

Tonight Logan will receive his Eagle Scout Award. He actually got it in January, but we wanted to wait until his grandparents came out so that they could see him get it! He is only 13 years old and has worked VERY hard over the last couple of years to earn it this young. He is a remarkable young man and we are very proud of his accomplishments. Way to go Logan!!!! You should be proud!

Camille Graduated HOORRAAAYY

Camille is done with her BA degree in Elementary Education. She will begin teaching 5th grade in the fall at a nearby elementary school, by the name of Fox Hollow. She graduated from UVSC soon to become UVU with University status.

Way to go MOM we love you.