Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More South Carolina pics

More South Carolina Pics!

 The beginning of our long vacation!
 My house I grew up in. My parents luckily still live there.
 The boys in front of the famous "Rainbow Row".
 One of the many plantations on the battery of downtown Charleston.

 This is the scene of the Lowcountry.

 Logan and Hayden taking the beach cruisers for a drive.
 Riding the beach cruiser!
 Hanging in the water.
 July 4th parade.
 Sitting around playing games.

 Happy 4th of July!!!

 Looking up as they start the climb.
 Uncle Josh with my boys.
 The boys at the top of the lighthouse.
 What a beautiful lighthouse!
This just says it all.......

South Carolina

South Carolina

 Our beach house on Fripp Island. I could live there.
 Saw this sign. Isn't that funny? Don't know them, but should have gotten a discount!
 Hayden and Garrett in front of the Columbia South Carolina Temple

 Hayden and Garrett with my parents the President and Matron of the temple.
Our trip to South Carolina was dreamy and fabulous and relaxing and nostalgic and memorable. The kids haven't been back since 2007 and were so anxious to get there. We first headed to downtown Charleston which EVERYONE needs to experience at least once in their lives. It never gets old going down there and seeing all the history and the old buildings. The kids bought some souveniers and we enjoyed driving down many of the old streets. We even hit up the famous "Wild Wings" which serves the best wings I've ever had. It was soooo yummy and I don't even like wings. The boys put down 50 wings. Wow. :) We then spent the first week in a rented beach house with my whole family on Fripp Island. It is right outside of Beufort which is where many movies including Forrest Gump, The Notebook, and Prince of Tides were filmed. It is picture perfect of what the "Lowcountry" is. Just stunning. The spanish moss hanging down from the trees as they hang down over the roads making almost a tunnel to drive through. I LOVE IT. I actually really miss it. How have I lived away for so long. Being southern runs through my veins......only if your from the south can you truly get it. We enjoyed watching a 4th of July parade made up of golf carts decorated on Fripp Island. It was a blast. We watched fireworks overlooking the marsh that night, and spent time each day either hanging at the beach or one of the many pools available. We then hit the veterans cemetary in Beufort. It was one of the first cementary's dedicated by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. AWESOME. Logan got some incredible photos. However, the humidity was killing me. How have I forgotten. Yuck. Jeff and Logan came back after a week to get back to work and Hayden, Garrett and I stayed an extra week up in Columbia at their temple house. It was just lovely. We were able to go as a whole family to do some sealings on Wednesday night with my parents, and then the next night the boys were able to do baptisms and my dad did the work! It was a great experience. The Columbia temple is just beautiful. SMALL but beautiful. Same inside but miniature. They are enjoying serving and we are loving seeing them so happy. It was so fun to hang with my "sisters" and letting the grandkids getting to know eachother. So much fun. It was one of the best trips ever we all agreed. I'm ready to go back. Any shortage of teachers? It's quite tempting. :)