Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Favorite Things

I love my Christmas tree....I just do. I got a new smaller skinnier tree a couple of years ago to fit in my front room better and I LOVE IT. Every year I put it up I love it more. I also had to post the latest thing my husband built for me.....He made me a large picture frame that I saw at a store that was very expensive. I asked him if he could make me one......he did and I love it more than the one at the store.

New Family Pictures

It was time for our yearly family pics to be taken. Let's just say I'm so glad they actually turned out. It started pretty rough. An 18 year old who "refused" to take pictures,running late, fighting the sun going down, and my youngest getting hurt while his older brother mocked him.....needless to say, lots of prayers were said and in the end they turned out quite nice if I do say so myself. Logan is so much cuter than the pictures. Why don't they want to smile? I mean really? This time next year my oldest hopefully will be on a mission.......sniff sniff. I am grateful that we are able to capture the growing of each new year..