Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tag I'm it!

Some of the jobs I've had: I worked in the shoe department at Mervyn's (boy did I buy a lot of shoes then), employee at Blimpies (sucked), I wore the ugly purple suit and worked at the Cineplex Odion Movie Theaters. The outfit was horrid, like Barney or something, I worked at TCBY, I was a waitress/hostess at JB's (now THAT was fun working the 6:00 pm to 2:00 am shift), a violin teacher for 10 years, and NOW a 5th grade school teacher.
Favorite reads: Well honestly, in the past 4 years, not much except school text books, but I love Jane Eyre, The Work and the Glory Series, as well as anything by Mary Higgins Clark.
Favorite things to do: Putting on my pajamas and CHILLING with my family, eating in bed, going to a good movie, going out on my weekly date with Jeff on Friday nights, watching my incredible children play soccer, camping, going to pageants, plays, and being with favorite friends.
Places I've lived: Charleston, SC, Orem, Utah, PG, Utah, and Lehi, Utah
Favorite things to eat: Beets, chocolate, a pork burrito from Cafe Rio, and most importantly, anything that I can eat out and not make (just kidding, NOT SEAFOOD!)
Places I'd rather be: NOT at school teaching 31 students. JK. Probably laying on the beach with a strawberry daquiri in my hand (virgin of course).
Words I like the sound of: "Mom, you are the coolest mom ever!" Goodnight, Good morning, My husband's voice, and my kids laughing (I know that isn't a word).
Now I'm tagging Becca and Janelle!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well it has taken me long enough to get a new post up. I am sorry. I will try to be better. Here are the halloween pics. The boys sure had fun, and so did I as Queen Amadalla. The kids enjoyed trick or treating while Logan was off to his first "Co-ed" Halloween party. I can't believe it. Hayden and Garrett decided they were finished trick or treating by about 7:15. I was THRILLED. They came home and went next door to watch movies until 9:30. Jeff and I were HOME ALONE. It was strange. It is the beginning signs that our kids are growing up. It makes me sad, but it was so fun to go around with the boys while they ran from door to door. The weather was beautiful as well.