Thursday, June 14, 2012


Garrett and his friends hanging before heading to Extreme Air Sports

 Garrett wanted a "purple" looks awfully pink. Sorry Garrett. They sure loved it!
 Opening presents. Sitting with his friends Aaron and Kaden.
 Garrett sure enjoyed doing some trapeze moves at the gym. Little monkey.
 Everyone hanging from the rock wall.
 This truly was a boys "Disneyland" being able to jump, swing, hop, and leap. AWESOME.

Garrett did some sweet moves. Out of an 1 1/2 there, he probably was on this trapeze rope for an hour. He LOVED it. I can't believe my baby is 12. He is growing up so quickly and turning into a little teenager. Does the baby ever get to really be their age? I don't believe so. He never got to watch Barney, or look at little books or play with little toys because his older brothers would make fun of him. He has always acted older than his age and enjoyes hanging out with kids older than himself. He is such a tender boy. He is such a good mix of Jeff and I. He is calm and tender spirited like Jeff, and very much a people person like his mom. He is enjoying evolving into his own person and it was so fun to be able to teach him at school this year and watch his interaction with his peers. It truly was priceless as I have never worked with my other boys in elementary. This next year, Garrett will be in Junior High and will continue to grow. I love you Garrett and appreciate everything you are and represent. Thank you for knowing who you are and for staying loyal to that. You are a great example to others. Thank you for continueing to be "my baby" and allowing me to snuggle you still. Here's to another birthday. I hope it was a great one. I love you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Marathon.....26.2

MY MARATHON.....26.2

 Shellie and I stopped to take a pic with 5 miles to go. We ran the entire lake behind us.
 Running up the hill......4 miles left. Ugh.
 5 mile marker aid station.
 Coming in to the finish line. I can do it!!!!!
 Push it, push it, push it.
 I did it. I did it.
 Yes! Hardest thing I've ever done. Honestly.
My family who came to support me. Thanks guys. We missed Logan......I trained for 4 months, putting in very long runs. I didn't think I could do it. It's amazing that I can do hard things. I did hard things. I am very proud of myself and that I finished. I realized how long 26.2 miles really is, and how athletic people really are. I was amazed how many people were there on their 3rd marathon in a week, or trying to hit a marathon in every state. I knew I was out of my league, especially with only 140 people that ran the marathon. But, I also realized that that is an elite group and I was honored to be able to be a part of it. I can mark this off the bucket list of items to do this year! I don't have a desire as of now to do another one, but you never know. ;) Time will tell...........what a ride.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Logan's High School Graduation

  Logan and Jeff before heading to graduation.

 Walking to get his diploma
 Great friends through it all
 I'm a proud mamma
  Lehi High School Graduate
   The family celebrating the event

 Love Kassi Hartle. She's been a great friend
  Logan in true character
 Best friends for life
Logan with his favorite seminary teacher and mentor Brother Butler. He loves him and appreciated his support all year.

Well my oldest graduated from high school on Wednesday, May 30th. I truly can't believe that my little blond boy has grown up to become a responsible, handsome adult. He kept a 3.9 GPA all through school and dedicated himself every day to give his best. He will be successful in whatever he plans on doing as his goals are limitless. It is exciting to see him preparing for a new chapter in his life, a mission and then college where he wants to study medicine. I know he can achieve those goals and his dad and I will be on the side cheering him on every step. We love you Logan and are SO proud of your accomplishements. You truly are amazing. :)