Thursday, May 31, 2007

Garrett is now 7 years old

Garrett celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday with a fun party! He had 6 friends come over to go down to the school and play "wall ball" and soccer. They had a blast! They enjoyed hanging out and eating pizza and drinking pop. I even made some ice cream clown treats for dessert! The kids loved them. I can't believe my baby is already 7 years old. He is growing up so fast. It makes me sad. I think overall he had a terrific birthday! Happy Birthday Garrett, we love you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More pictures of Moab

Here are more pictures of our trip to Moab. Notice Hayden running down the LARGE sand hill. We went to the North and South Windows in Arches National Park one night to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.

Camping in Moab

We just got back yesterday from an awesome weekend in Moab, Utah. It was beautiful and relatively cool. We camped with some friends and enjoyed hiking to many wonderful arches. Hiking Delicate Arch was a highlight to all of us. It was a strenuous hike but well worth it when we got to the top! We took the truck through some rough terain to get to Tucher Tunnel where you walked through a long tunnel. It was pitch black inside and very cool! We ate our lunch in that tunnel. The biggest highlight though was being able to climb up a HUGE hill of red sand and run down it! It was so funny to watch them! They had sand in every single crevace of their bodies! We are still finding that sand! On Sunday we found a church building in Moab and went to Sacrament meeting. It was nice to sit and listen to the talks and sing. The church really is the same wherever you go. It was truly a memorable trip for our family. We loved it!!!!

Garrett's Day at the Zoo

All of the 1st grade classes went to Hogle Zoo last Thursday. Garrett really wanted me to come and I was thrilled to go! We had a great time looking at all of the animals especially the Lynx and the Giraffe. I was in charge of 5 little 1st graders and really don't believe I enjoyed much of the zoo because I was constantly counting, "one, two, three, four, and five" all day. I was scared to death that I would lose one of them. The kids got to ride on a REAL bus not just a school bus. They thought that was amazing. I was glad to be able to spend that time with my Garrett! He just LOVES animals. Hogle Zoo was a "notch down" from the San Diego Zoo that we went to last month. It was fun anyway!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Garrett was laid back at his soccer game

On Saturday Garrett played in a soccer game. He loves soccer and on this particular day Garrett just was glad to be there. He was "just chillin" out on the field. He was so funny to watch. I know when his games are in the middle of the day he tends to be more tired because it is hotter. We do love to watch "our baby" play soccer just as much as his older brothers' games. He has no choice about soccer with two older brothers that CONSUME it! Way to go Garrett! We love you!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Logan's Soccer Team Won!

This morning Logan's soccer team won their final game holding there slot in the Premier division. It was a wonderful game with many exciting moments. Logan played excellent and had a couple of wonderful shots on goal. The team worked together well and it sure paid off! Way to go Arsenal!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Garrett's Wall Ball Story

The other morning, I looked over Garrett's homework packet to quickly discover that there was a note attached on the front from his teacher. The note said, "Mrs. Cottle, Garrett accidently threw 2 wall balls on the roof of the school. The first time he threw it, I thought an apology would be efficient for losing Jordan's ball. The second time, I thought it would be best if he replaced Jordan's ball. Garrett told me that you would never buy Jordan a wall ball. I then told Garrett that it would be good if he earned the money at home to pay for a new ball." She then said, "You are the parent, you decide how you should best handle this situation." Thanks.

I thought it was pretty funny that Garrett told his teacher that I would NEVER buy him one. I am sure! I quickly got to the bottom of the situation, and put Garrett to work pulling weeds in the backyard all afternoon. Earlier in the day I had gone to Walmart to purchase a "wall ball". I obviously didn't know what that was because I came home with a "kick ball". The kids quickly told me that that was NOT the right ball. Logan spoke up to tell me that a wall ball was a raquetball. Whew! That answered a lot of questions. Garrett and I went back to Walmart and exchanged the balls. He took two of the balls to his friend Jordan the next day. What a funny day that was!!!!!