Saturday, October 23, 2010

Logan is 17

My oldest continues to grow.....surprising! This month he turned 17. I truly can't believe he is in the thick of the teenage years. He loves life, friends, girls, driving, girls, music, his car, and of course SOCCER. He is such a great boy who we love so much. It is hard to believe in 2 years he will be leaving this nest and heading out into the real world. I hope every day that I have taught him what he needs to know to be a successful and wonderful young man. He is such a great example in our home and his humor always keeps us laughing. Even though he seems to be absent on many occasions, I am so grateful when he is home and when we have great "talks" late in the evening after returning home from a night out. I remember being 17 and truly it is a magical and fun time in life. Happy late birthday son. I sure do love you.