Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We just returned from a fantastic/hot trip to Sandhollow. It is called "mini Lake Powell" and felt it with 106 degree weather each day. Luckily we had waverunners on the lake to keep up cool. The boys loved digging and playing in the mud. The entertained themselves for hours building forts and sandcastles. Logan and Garrett both got up on the knee boards and they even enjoyed some snorkeling. I enjoyed sitting under the umbrella digging my feet in the sand. We planned on hiking the Subway, but all the passes were taken so we chose to stay back and enjoy the lake. I am just very very thankful for the generator that we had to keep our trailer cool in the morning and in the late afternoon. All in all it was another great trip to remember for years to come. Thanks Logan for being a trooper without any of your friends there.