Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Favorite Things

I love my Christmas tree....I just do. I got a new smaller skinnier tree a couple of years ago to fit in my front room better and I LOVE IT. Every year I put it up I love it more. I also had to post the latest thing my husband built for me.....He made me a large picture frame that I saw at a store that was very expensive. I asked him if he could make me one......he did and I love it more than the one at the store.

New Family Pictures

It was time for our yearly family pics to be taken. Let's just say I'm so glad they actually turned out. It started pretty rough. An 18 year old who "refused" to take pictures,running late, fighting the sun going down, and my youngest getting hurt while his older brother mocked him.....needless to say, lots of prayers were said and in the end they turned out quite nice if I do say so myself. Logan is so much cuter than the pictures. Why don't they want to smile? I mean really? This time next year my oldest hopefully will be on a mission.......sniff sniff. I am grateful that we are able to capture the growing of each new year..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Time

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. I got adventurous this year and decided to make spud nuts which are a potato based doughnut. They are very southern and very traditional to my childhood. My mother is an expert and I......not so much, but I tried making them this year. They weren't pretty, but THEY WERE SO GOOD. I believe my family would like this to be a new tradition every Halloween....we'll see. It was quite stressful but yummy at the same time. We also carved some of the most beautiful pumpkins we have ever had. We found a guy that grew them and was selling them right off his property in Orem and it was a FIND for cheap. I love to help the locals. :) Hayden had a party of 8 friends over Halloween night, Garrett was a penguin, Sadie was a cow, and Logan went to his own party dressed as Mario. It was a fun day and a fun evening. I always love Halloween because it begins the onset of the holidays which are MY FAVORITE..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Logan turns 18

My oldest has hit the "18" mark. Is it humanly possible? I really don't think so. I remember being pregnant with was frankly not funny. I was HUGE and had no clue. I am so happy he joined our family so long ago and the positive example he has set in stone in our family. He will be greatly missed around here next year at this time.....sniff sniff. I have watched him evolve into a grown man and it has been so much fun being a part of his life. With growing up brings many wonderful events and changes. I feel so thankful every day for my children and the great young men they have become. Happy Birthday son. I sure love and appreciate you in my life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

My boys have started back to school once again. Hard to believe I have a Senior, a Freshman, and a 6th grader. I remember Logan taking the bus the first day of school, following the bus the whole way to school crying. Next year I will be sending my oldest off to college.......I am not old enough right? This time is so magical and fun but also very sad as they are growing up so fast. It was still fun taking each of them shopping for their back to school clothes. It never gets old buying the new clothes and school supplies. There is some nostalgia there. Have a great school year boys!!!! Love you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garrett's team won the Sparta Soccer Tournament

My cute son's team took first place in a soccer tournament in South Jordan the second week of August. I was so proud of the way Garrett played. He played wing defender and no one could get passed him. He does great back there and I believe he has gained a considerable amount of confidence in that position. Way to go Garrett! That trophy is as big as you. You ROCK. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garrett gets his Tenderfoot

My baby is officially in Boy Scouts. We took out a small home loan to buy our 3RD brown scout shirt...I so wanted to use one of the other boys shirts but it has personal stuff stitched all over it.....oh well. We bought it big and he looks mighty cute in it. He received his first advancement in Boy Scouts, his Tenderfoot. He is on track to receive his 2nd class by December. Way to go Garrett. He has AMAZING scout leaders and he is really pumped to do what his older brothers did. Keep it up Gee.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Granite Flats

We lucked out last Thursday when Jeff and I decided to be spontaneous and drive up to try to get a spot at Granite Flats to camp. Sure enough we found a spot, but unfortunately you have to have your camper to reserve it which we DID NOT have because it is a 30 foot trailer and let's be honest.....SO, they did say we could have me stand there while he went home to get it.....that is what I did. I got some bug spray from the camp host and there I sat. It was awesome. Beautiful, a little cool, rainy in the evenings, hiking up to Silver Lake, playing cards, eating smores and banana boats, and just hanging out. I am now addicted to Granite Flats because it is so close and you are completely in the mountains. The boys caught a snake which was very cool, we hung by the fire and got eaten alive by mosquitos, and even watched a couple of movies :) I would camp every weekend if I didn't have to come home and clean everything up.........

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We continue the tradition on July 4th of getting up and heading down to the Freedom Festival Parade in Provo. It has gotten so out of control with people and finding a place, that the last two years Logan and his friend Ryan head down the night before for spots and sleep over. It sure makes it easier for us as we stroll in around 8:30! This year was the same with fabulous seats from our son. The parade itself isn't the best but it is keeping to tradition that makes it for me! After the parade, we headed up to the 40th annual candy drop, bbq, and water fight at my aunt's house. I enjoy this so much because it is a tradition that we did when I was a little girl and it continues to go strong! I don't get to see my mom's sisters and brothers and their kids very often so it is always so fun to eat some yummy food, watch Uncle Val and Irvin act out the latest event for the year from the top window of the house while throwing a mix of candy and water from up high. The kids squeal as they get drenched and fill up their baggies with goodies. Immediately after the water fight started. This is no small water fight. The longer you "hide" from getting wet the worse it becomes. Ice water is mixed and thrown on innocent people including me! You don't leave with a dry spot anywhere on your body! We all came home very exhausted. The day ended with the annual culdesac of fire with our neighbors throwing an assortment of fireworks! It was fun to watch Garrett take charge of our large package of fireworks and watched him burn through $50. Lovely! It was another wonderful year of making memories.