Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Time

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. I got adventurous this year and decided to make spud nuts which are a potato based doughnut. They are very southern and very traditional to my childhood. My mother is an expert and I......not so much, but I tried making them this year. They weren't pretty, but THEY WERE SO GOOD. I believe my family would like this to be a new tradition every Halloween....we'll see. It was quite stressful but yummy at the same time. We also carved some of the most beautiful pumpkins we have ever had. We found a guy that grew them and was selling them right off his property in Orem and it was a FIND for cheap. I love to help the locals. :) Hayden had a party of 8 friends over Halloween night, Garrett was a penguin, Sadie was a cow, and Logan went to his own party dressed as Mario. It was a fun day and a fun evening. I always love Halloween because it begins the onset of the holidays which are MY FAVORITE..